New glitters added!

Hey Dreamers! Exciting news!

We've added some new glitters to our DreamSQNS shop! We are super stoked to introduce six brand new cosmetic glitters:

1. Crystal Lake Holographic Glitter: A beautiful bright turquoise blue that will refresh any makeup look. We love using this glitter for eye makeup - absolutely magical applied over a blue eyeshadow! 

A close up photo of 'Crystal Lake' Holographic Glitter by DreamSQNS

2. Blue Crush Holographic Glitter: Another brilliant blue glitter! This glitter is straight up bright royal blue. Perfect for a blue smokey eye that will stun at any festival.

A close up photo of 'Blue Crush' Holographic Glitter by DreamSQNS

3. Dark Galaxy Holographic Glitter: So, funny story: we have had this glitter for years and the whole DreamSQNS team has always been in love with it. And we only just realised we never added it to our shop! It is such a perfect dark grey silver glitter - we've done countless cool toned smokey makeup looks with this glitter!

A close up image of 'Dark Galaxy' Holographic Glitter by DreamSQNS

4. Kiss n Tell Iridescent Fine Glitter: It is no secret that the DreamSQNS team is obsessed with pink glitter, and we are thrilled to introduce another brilliant pink! Kiss n Tell is a peachy pink glitter that has a beautiful golden shine to it. Whether you wear it on your eye makeup, cheeks, lips or body, this glitter has an undeniable romantic and playful feel to it.

A close up photo of 'Kiss N Tell' Fine Iridescent Glitter by DreamSQNS

5. Ursula Glitter Paste: The name says it all: evil sea witch glamazon vibes! It has a dark blue/purple base that shines a magnificent green and blue. This paste gives serious bad bitch energy - villain era makeup loading!

6. Great Gatsby Glitter Paste: A fabulous green glitter with blue and gold flecks. This is stunning for hair and body, or as a cheek highlight. We can't wait to pull this glitter out for festivals all over South Africa.


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