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DreamSQNS✨are a professional cosmetic glitter manufacturer and retailer in Cape Town, South Africa...

So... Mzansi! Are you feeling a fire for fierce shine? Ditch the ditchwater disco dust, it's time to level up your sparkle game.

We're DreamSQNS, South Africa's undisputed glitter royalty, and we're here to unleash your inner creative beast. Forget flimsy flakes and forget-me-not shimmer. Our glitters are the real deal - high-quality, drop-dead gorgeous, and ready to take your art, fashion, and life to the next level. We're talking next-level shine so potent, it'll blind jealousy with a single sprinkle. So ditch the dull and embrace the dazzle.

DreamSQNS - It's glitter fit for a South African superstar, just like you✨