About Us

Founded in 2014, DreamSQNS is all about providing pro-level glitters and a variety sparkly accessories. We aim to provide our consumers with sparkle products that take any look to the next level - as drag icon RuPaul once said: “You better glitter the f*ck out of it and make it something special”.

When it comes to sparkle, our CEO Raine Tauber knows what’s popping. Formulated based on her 20 years of experience as a makeup artist, our products are the real deal – making it easy to take any look from 0 to 100! Her skills in beauty and love for all that shines have translated to easy-use products that deliver on their promise: high-shine, all the time.

Our brand strongly values inclusivity and celebrating all forms of beauty. Our team has strong roots in the LGBTQ+ community and we strive continuously support the
South African queer community. Glitter has been present in the queer community for years, being a staple in drag and gay night life. Our gay ancestors have sent us to spread the sparkle and spread the love for generations to come.

Perfect for the professional makeup artist, DreamSQNS is different from anything on the South African market. From grunge to glam, we offer products in a variety of shades and formulas for any mood or moment. We aim to provide professional artists with cost-efficient magic.

Glitter is also a staple in the festival community and DreamSQNS makes it easy to achieve the “Coachella-ready” look in flash. Throw a glitter paste in your purse and you are geared to go from meh to magnificent in seconds. We also provide some other bling-things that are sure to make your look stand out in a crowd.