A close up photo of 'Midnight in Paris' Chunky Glitter by DreamSQNS
A top view photo of 'Midnight in Paris' Chunky Glitter from DreamSQNS

Midnight In Paris Chunky Glitter - DreamSQNS

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Enter the magical realm of "Midnight in Paris" - a spellbinding deep midnight blue glitter that evokes the mysterious allure of the City of Light under the cloak of darkness. Handcrafted with precision by our team of skilled artisans, this enchanting cosmetic glitter brings a touch of Parisian elegance to your makeup repertoire.

With its rich and velvety hue, "Midnight in Paris" adds a captivating depth to any look, whether it graces your eyes, lips, or body. As the night unfolds, watch as this glitter transforms under the moonlight, casting a bewitching spell wherever you go.

Can be used on face, body, nails and for other applications.

Please take caution not to get it in the eyes and do not let children play with glitter unsupervised.

Size: 10ml