A close crop image of Vortex Glitter Paste from DreamSQNS
A top view image of DreamSQNS Glitter Paste in shade Vortex
Vortex Glitter paste by DreamSQNS in its full branded component
An image of Vortex Glitter Paste by DreamSQNS spread out on a white surface

Vortex Glitter Paste - DreamSQNS

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Dive into a whirlpool with Vortex; a lilac and silver holographic glitter paste that mesmerizes and captivates, offering a celestial and enduring sparkle perfect for creating enchanting and ethereal beauty in any makeup or festival look with effortless application and boundless elegance.

Can be used on face, body, hair and for other applications

Please take caution not to get it in the eyes and do not let children play with glitter unsupervised.

Size: 10ml